Property Management

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We handle property management in The Woodlands, Texas, Spring, Conroe, Lake Conroe, Tomball, South Montgomery County, North Harris County and the Mid-town area.

We can provide completely furnished properties for Corporate Executives, as well as providing commercial leasing properties for commercial or residential use.

Texas Home Property Management handles the day-to-day needs of your property, minimizing vacancies and maximizing your bottom line. We market your property and have access to approximately 8 to 10 websites. Thorough screening is provided to get quality tenants to fill your vacancy.

As property managers and realtors, we have the ability to help you, the owner, optimize your investment. Texas Home Property Management is familiar with state and local laws and Homeowner’s Association guidelines. We can provide help to evict a problem tenant.

Our company is located nearby, making it convenient to show homes to potential tenants and to maintain your property. Texas Home Property Management is proactive, effective and we identify and correct problems before they impact your investment.